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The beautifully exotic Miranda Wright is rocking a vintage faux fur, as she exhibits her polished posing skills and her dope-ass fro in this visually sensual photo series. Vibrant color saturation ebbs and flows from deep reds to saturated blues in this gorgeous photo set while stark silhouettes accentuate Miranda's exquisite form.
Watch this cinematic exploration of reflections, shadows and silhouettes. We looked to create a sense of balance and serenity, and Miranda pulled it off perfectly.

Akilivisual Mag may contain artistic photographs of nudity.
my biggest struggles in life have been my insecurity issues,
not knowing how to love myself and understanding my purpose in life.
– miranda wright
We all struggle with self-esteem but I was overly shy and had little confidence in the things I could naturally do such as writing and being the person I wanted to be.
– miranda wright
KNOWLEDGE BECKOM PRESENTS kicks off the Classic Hip Hop Lives (C.H.H.L.) - the unplugged experience in Chicago on Saturday, March 25th at the Park West.

The series that spotlights 90s Era Golden Hip Hop Artists performing with a Live Band unplugged. The Hip Hop music that so many grew up on heard like you've never heard it before. Classic, Grown, Funky.

This will be a night for the memory banks.